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February 2019

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 Navals by Iceburn

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PostSubject: Navals by Iceburn   Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:33 pm

Reposted from CM:

Sa mga NAVAL operators naman po!

Sea Battles/Naval Setup . . .

The upkeep for ships is very high, so it's worth considering whether
or not a large fleet is necessary for you under your own personal
circumstances and what you build very much depends on how much you can
afford with the size of your account.

With land attacks being relatively easy now occupation is possible, I
would advise our defensive players to concentrate mainly on land units,
with just a single ram ship in each town. Alternatively, if you can
afford it, 30 Diving Boats combined with a Ram Ship will cause at least
equal and often more damage to the enemy fleet than to yours if they
decide to attempt a blockade.

For ships there are 3 categories, close combat (front line), long
range and diving boats.

The front line and long range areas have 5 boxes containing 10 ships
in each box, a total of 50 of each type. The box for the Diving Boats
holds 30 ships. So a complete wave will be 50 front line + 50 long range
+ 30 diving boats.


Front Line Ships . . .

For your front line there are 3 ships that are useful for varying

Ram Ships - cheap to build. Using these causes more damage to the
enemy than to you because of the low amount of resources required to
build them. I would advise sending these in the earlier waves against
enemy Paddle Wheel Rams in order to prevent damage to your own PWRs.
Rams are the best value ships, but not the strongest. They will die in
large numbers in battle, but it is better to lose Rams than PWRs.

Flame Ships - their use and effect is similar to Rams (above). They
require more resources to build, but have a lower upkeep. Flame Ships
also have the added benefit of being the fastest ships (together with
Diving Boats) and can be very useful for heading off enemy ships when
you know, from intelligence, where they are withdrawing to.

Paddle Wheel Rams - these are the strongest front line ships and
will cause most damage, but are extremely expensive to build and
maintain. Best sent in later rounds when the enemy ships have been
Long Range Ships (second line) . . .

There are 2 of this type worth considering:

Catapult Ships - these are the most commonly used second line ship
when attacking. Relatively cheap to build and speed is OK.

Mortar Ships - these are the strongest second line ships and will
cause the most casulaties to the enemy in battle. However, they are very
expensive to build and slow to send over any distance. They are useful
if you decide to keep some ships on defence or are attacking close

Diving Boats . . .

No choice for this box. 30 diving boats are needed to fill it. When
fighting against an equal box of 30 fresh enemy DBs you will lose 12 of
them per round. If there are no enemy DBs they will then attack the Long
Range ships.

Diving boats can be useful for various things.

Use 30 DBs as a small blockade together with 1 ram.

Another tactic is to send 1 ram/30 DBs against enemy fleets that
have no DBs in order to weaken them. The Ram Ship will be killed, your
DBs will scatter for 4 hours but then return without damage and the
enemy will have received damage to their Long Range ships. Especially
useful to kill off their expensive mortar ships.

Therefore, a typical attacking fleet would consist of . . .

Rams or Flame Ships - in multiples of 50, depending on what your
account will sustain (usually about 100 to 200 of these)

50 Paddle Wheel Rams (add to this in 50s for a really strong fleet)
50 Catapults (or 50 Mortars if travel time is not an issue)
Diving Boats, in multiples of 30 (usually about 90 or 120 of these)

If you can afford it and wish to build one, a relatively strong
defensive fleet might be . .

150 Rams
50 Paddle Wheels
50 Mortars
90 Diving boats

100 Paddle Wheels
100 Catapult Ships
100 Diving Boats


150 Rams/Flames
70 PWRs
50 Mortar
50 Cats
90 Subs

or any combo you like...

Iceburn ^^
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Posts : 317
Join date : 2010-03-17
Age : 36
Location : Quezon City / Makati City

PostSubject: Re: Navals by Iceburn   Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:09 pm

double topic. closing.
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Navals by Iceburn
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